Pasquale Cesarino (stage name Mago Linus) was born in Villaricca (NA) in 1996 and from  a very young age, at just nine years old, he starts to show interest towards the world of prestidigitation.

Within a few years, led by passion and tenacity for this new world, he learns countless sleights of hand and starts to perform in humorous magic shows, until the production of a show called “ Spettacolinus – La Magia per la Vita”. He entertains at birthday and local parties, organises events in clubs and attends magic conferences.

He sets up shows for children in hospitals and promotes several social activities. Soon Mago Linus achieves his first results and first satisfactions. In July 2011 he is the youngest finalist of the Italian Championship of “Street magic” and takes part in “ Italia’s got talent”.

In 2012 he founds the one and only Magic Club in Bergamo, where he teaches the groundwork of prestidigitation to new magicians and records 10 episodes, for a TV show called “La magia per la vita”, on Lombardia TV.

In 2013 he works, on several occasions, with Mediaset. Among some of these collaborations we can see him in “7 Gold Show Time”. He participates in the selection process of the Italian Championship of Magic in San Marino . He also participates in different local TV programs in Northern Italy and performs twice at the International Orfei Circus.

In 2014 he becomes a weekly guest on Radio Milan Inter acting as a correspondent for the “sparizioni” and he is called from Spain for a Spanish and English show in front of a wide audience.

In 2015 he publishes his first book “La vita è magia” and the DVD “La mia storia”. During the entire summer he goes on tour, to some of the most important Italian squares, performing twice a day,  He starts thinking about a worldwide project and brings his shows to several countries such as France, Spain & USA.

In 2016 he takes part in several local TV shows and also in RAI with 3 episodes speaking about his life.

He is chosen for the tv show “Eccezionale veramente” with Diego Abatantuono, Paolo Ruffini, Selvaggia Lucarelli and Raul Cremona. He also attends the Zelig laboratories for 2 years.

In 2017 we can see him in “Lo scherzo perfetto”, a television programme in primetime on channel Italia 1 with Teo Mammuccari and he is also one of the finalists on the Romanian talent show called “iUmor”. His life and his visions are seen in “La vita in diretta” on RAI 1. Francesco Facchinetti hosts him in his radio show called “Generazione C” on Radio Kiss Kiss.

In 2018 he publishes his second book "A cena con te senza Maschere'' published by Eternity. He founds the group ''Happy Bus'', an itinerant and social project to bring happiness to the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

In 2019 he creates the podcast "Bible of Love" recording 2 seasons, both with numerous plays. The podcast continues to be available on Spotify and the best broadcast platforms.

In 2020 he writes and publishes his third book "A mio Fratello" published by Syniemi and continues to hold television and radio speeches across the entire nation. In  the first months of the year, before the pandemic, he continues with several international travels to bring his shows and his humanitarian missions abroad.

Mago Linus has always continued to perform with his magical sketches without being limited to the world of prestidigitation. He always tries to combine his performances with social activities whose proceeds go to less fortunate people or to associations that deal with hospitalization. He also volunteers himself and offers his shows to pediatric wards, autism centres or senior centres trying to spread a message of love and hope.

At the moment, Mago Linus offers a lot of shows with the experience of thousands of performances containing a wide assortment of magic tricks often combined with comical sketches both for children and adults. He is available for public or private parties, tv shows, and to entertain the audience in clubs, pubs or restaurants offering table magic ( micro magic ) and stage magic.